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Oddities, Antiquities and Rarities Exhibit Grand Opening Party

August 2, 2014 : webmin

  DFW Elite Toy Museum has a special exhibit of Oddities, Antiquities and Rarities including Automatons Exhibit. Come join us for opening night of the new summer exhibit. See the Cleopatra automaton and a host of other exciting items. Get a snea ...

Twentieth Century Pet Carrier

In the early twentieth century (and earlier) people traveled with their pets by railroad. Pets were usually confined to the baggage car. This is a traveling home for a small pet complete with a sliding drawer to hold food and allow porters to feed Fido for you. Measures 24″ H x 24″ L x 17″ W. Near excellent condition. Wood and rivets with the initials of owner.

Pet Carrier

Pet Carrier

Pet Carrier

Pet Carrier.

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